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Thai Fisherman's Pants are very popular with Yoga Instructors and are often used as a standard uniform for Yoga Classes. Thai Fisherman's Pants are also useful for day-to-day relaxation wear around the house, Our Thai Fisherman's Pants are designed based on the traditional Thai ethnic clothing of the fishing villages of Southern Thailand.

They make great traveler's pants and are also very comfortable for larger people. Many martial arts schools find that Thai Fisherman's Pants are excellent for workouts and exercise routines during martial arts study. The flexible size of Thai Fisherman's Pants make them perfect for maternity pregnancy wear. They are perfect wear for meditation, massage or any relaxing pastime.

All Thai Fisherman's Pants are made to high standards from the finest fabrics.



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Comfort, Style & Simplicity!

 Fisherman Pants for Yoga

Designed with an exotic Asian flair that lets you move freely

Fine fabrics with top-quality workmanship

No zippers or buttons

Perfect fit - no matter what your size

Looks stylish whether you’re in the studio practicing,

       on your way to class or out for a ‘night on the town’


“Fisherman Pants - It's a Way of Living”