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We are delighted to announce our latest range.

Shop: Kaftans, Kimonos, Pants and Dresses

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amazing travelling pants

Thai Fisherman's Pants are very popular with Yoga Instructors and are often used as a standard uniform for Yoga Classes. Thai Fisherman's Pants are also useful for day-to-day relaxation wear around the house, Our Thai Fisherman's Pants are designed based on the traditional Thai ethnic clothing of the fishing villages of Southern Thailand.

They make great traveler's pants and are also very comfortable for larger people. Many martial arts schools find that Thai Fisherman's Pants are excellent for workouts and exercise routines during martial arts study. The flexible size of Thai Fisherman's Pants make them perfect for maternity pregnancy wear. They are perfect wear for meditation, massage or any relaxing pastime.

All Thai Fisherman's Pants are made to high standards from the finest fabrics.

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what people say

Raghuvir C

What a wonderful place to visit.

What a nice shop, a breath of fresh air amongst many of the all the same kind of shops everywhere. This man has put his creativity in his design of the merchandise he sells, the building, the garden....he is a living artist. Always ready to serve you a tea and a self made piece of his fantastic cakes. The quality of his fisherman pants is also unique in Thailand, Great stuff and gorgeous designs. Warmly recommended for anybody looking for someth9ing different.


Des produits de qualité

C'est une boutique très sympathique avec des gens très sympathiques, j'ai acheté un pantalon de pêcheur que je traîne depuis tout l'été, il est sublime et la couleur n'a toujours pas bougé, la seule chose que je regrette c'est de ne pas avoir pris un pantalon de plus ou pouvoir les commander sur internet. Si c'est possible, dites-moi comment faire ! Ce type de boutique est assez unique et mérite le détour. It is a very friendly shop with very friendly people, I bought a fisherman's pants that I have been hanging out for all summer, it is sublime and the color has still not moved, the only thing I regret is not having taken more pants or being able to order them on the internet. If possible, tell me how to do it! This type of shop is quite unique and worth a visit.

Walter B

"Different shop"

I come from many years in Thailand and this is the best clothes shop I have ever seen in Thailand; different clothes colors and different style. Located in a small road, not far away from the center of lamai, the shop welcomes you with a small beautiful garden. The owner of the shop will receive you in the best way that you can hope. They showed me the photo while they were making their dress: wonderful🤩. Amazing quality/price.

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