1. You don’t have to look too far: The plants around us are gifts from nature to help us color our clothes.Our fisherman's pants from Organic Hand woven cotton made in two villages * Pa Da Project - Museum of Cotton. * Wan Project - North of Thailand.* Sakon Project -East of Thailand Sources of natural dyes1.Achiote tree (Bixa orellana): yellows and orangesIndian red wood (Caesalpinia sappan): magentas and pinksTea (Camellia sinensis): yellowsSoga (Ceriops tagal): dark brownsIndian albizia (Albizzia lebbekoides): yellows and light brownsJengkol (Archidendron jiringa): orangesSugar palm (Arenga pinnata): warm brownsIndigo (Indigofera arrecta): bright to dark bluesMango (Mangifera indica): various shades of greenYellow flame tree (Peltophorum pterocarpum): brownsMahogany (Swietenia mahagoni): reddish browns2. Ma klua (Thai ebony) fruits soaking. Ma klua has a very short season, but the fruits are so rich in tannin that they can be dumped into water and kept year-round, as in the photo. It dyes brown to grey to black, depending on the strength and method.3. Two skeins dyed with Ma klua.4. The roots simmering in the dyebath. They produce a very strong yellow color, but it apparently fades over time

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